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TG605s HSNS Lite Setup

Configuring TG605s for HSNS Lite serivce
All Chorus installs of HSNS Lite - SHDSL connection are terminated on a RJ-45 jack, which will then be connected to the TG605s HSNS modem. (RJ-45 to RJ-11 cable needed).
Configuring the TG605s is relatively easy, out of the box its set in bridge mode, so you can pass the traffic to your preferred firewall behind the TG605s modem.
It’s as simple as plugging in the RJ-45 to RJ-11 cable into the TG605s modem, power it on and connect a RJ-45 lead to your firewall and your connection is complete. 
You will need to configure your firewall as per the instructions from your Service provider.