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ACS TR-069

Connectplay and ETI-Software brings low cost high performance Auto Configuration Servers (ACS),Overture ACS Lite, Overture LAB Edition, Overture ACS Enterprise, Overture ACS Carrier.

Overture ACS Lite lab edition platform is a striped down version of Overture ACS Enterprise. This is intended for interoperability testing and training in the use of the system before scaling up to Overture ACS Enterprise edition.

Overture ACS Enterprise platform, which is a fully integrated platform for low to mid range ISP’s looking for a cost effective robust Auto Configuration system.

Overture ACS Carrier platform is a High scale ACS platform that is designed for Top tier ISP’s with the demand for ACS capable of 200,000 thousand clients and more within the system.

Overture ACS Lite LAB Edition

The Complete TR-069 Lab Toolset
Overture ACSLite Lab Edition is a highly cost effective lab test tool which has been designed to provide the complete toolset of our feature-rich TR-069 Auto Configuration Server ACS enterprise, for in-house testing purposes.

The software is rich in functionality and has been developed to enable CPE Vendors, Manufacturers, ISP’s and Systems Integrators worldwide to have full control over the testing process through the installation of a permanent test instance of ACSLite in their lab for the compliance of their TR-069 technologies.

Overture ACS Enterprise

The Ideal Entry Level Solution

Overture ACS Enterprise is a TR-069 device management solution for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking for an Auto Configuration Server (ACS) to manage CPE devices from hundreds to thousands of devices.

Rich on functionality and light on cost, the Overture ACSEnterprise solution is perfectly suited to those ISPs wanting a low cost entry point when starting to leverage the power of TR-069 to manage their device estates remotely.


Overture ACS Carrier

Multi-Server, Load-Balanced Solution

Overture ACSCarrier is the ideal Auto Configuration Server (ACS) for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking for a scalable multi-server TR-069 device management solution to manage a few thousand devices through to many millions.

The Overture ACSCarrier solution is light on cost, rich on functionality with high availability. As a result, the robust Auto Configuration Server is ideally suited to those ISP’s wanting a highly cost effective, load balanced solution in order to leverage the power of TR-069 to manage their device estates remotely.