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The Complete TR-069 Lab Toolset
ACSLite Lab Edition is a highly cost effective lab test tool which has been designed to provide the complete toolset of our feature-rich TR-069 Auto Configuration Server ACS enterprise, for in-house testing purposes.

The software is rich in functionality and has been developed to enable CPE Vendors, Manufacturers, ISP’s and Systems Integrators worldwide to have full control over the testing process through the installation of a permanent test instance of ACSLite in their lab for the compliance of their TR-069 technologies.


  • Automatic Device Discovery
  • Automatic Device Model Creation
  • Inbuilt capability of finding a list of device models
  • Automatically create parameters without the need for manual entry
  • Automation of the interoperability process
  • Full Scripting Engine with Export/Import Capabilities them into the production environment.
  • Full Logic Box implementation for the development of scripts
  • Ability to export all of these scripts and import them into the production environments


  • Cost-effective and timely means of testing TR-069 client/services
  • Reduce time to bring new products/services to market
  • Full control over time scales for testing and resolution
  • No reliance on professional services for fault diagnosis or fixes
  • Rigorous testing of new devices, firmware and zero touch processes


  • Examining and improving the customer experience
  • End-to-end testing of service delivery
  • Ensuring TR-069 compliance of devices
  • Firmware testing
  • Testing system integrations
  • Testing new technologies & services