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Service Summary


ADSL/ADSL2+ is the most common used Broadband service in NZ.
It can be supplied with or without a fixed telephone line.(This depends on your service provider).


This is the most common broadband service widely used in NZ.With ADSL2+ you can browse the internet very comfortably on this service, view emails stream a few online media.ADSL2+ is capable of doubling the frequency band of typical ADSL service. 


HSNS is a typical service found in many enterprise to medium size bussines, used entirely for Voicer communication over the internet.With HSNS you will get dedicated bandwidth both Download and Upload are guaranteed service, this is a symmetrical service..

UFB Gateway

UFB - Ultra Fast Broadband , also referred to as Fiber Optic is currently being rolled out country a few years majority of our homes will be running UFB services, this enables service providers to deliver cost savings on fixed phone lines , deliver high intensive application, improved online experience, super fast download and upload throughput. 

VDSL Gateway

VDSL/VDSL2 is an upgrade from ADSL/ADSL2+, this service also can be delivered to your premise with or without fixed telephone lines. The benefits you get from VDSL is higher download & upload speeds, faster streaming such as Youtube or Soundcloud and similar services, Gamers can also benefit from this Service.


VoIP- Voice over IP is a technology that delivers your home phone line over your home broadband service, this enables service providers to offer low cost long distance calling feature packed services without sacrificing the quality and reliability of a normal fixed home phone line.